ARTWALL: LINK is an accompanying exhibition project of Artwall Gallery located in the premises of the Prague public transport. The project presents the work of Czech and foreign artists in spaces that are commonly used for advertising. Posters in trams and subways, city lights, billboards and plasma screens give rise to a temporary exhibition space, located in the high traffic areas of the city.

ARTWALL: LINK is not only a gallery project in public space, but also a connection between street and cyberspace. Due to the massive development of online communities and social networks in recent years, the Internet has become a daily meeting place, much like an alternative street. To maintain a continuous flow of communication, many people stay connected almost constantly, via their smart phones. ARTWALL: LINK tries to enter this new time in space where individuals simultaneously exist in reality and virtuality. Works displayed on posters and city lights have another hidden level that can be discovered only through scanning the included QR code into a smartphone. This takes the active viewer to an online gallery, where the second, hidden halves of the exhibited works can be discovered. The concrete streets become a part of cyberspace and cyberspace becomes a part of the concrete streets.

Exhibited Projects:

Exhibition on the subway line B (April-May 2013):


Exhibition on the subway line A (November 2012):

Filip Doušek - Hejno bez ptáků

Exhibition on the subway line A (September-October 2012):

Michelle Siml - Public Body Language Secrets

Exhibition on the subway line B (August 2012):

Vendula Chalanková - Comics

Exhibition on tram posters and foils (April - May 2012):

Tomáš Cach - Cycling Prague

Sylva Francová, Silvie Vondřejcová - What a Woman Thinks About

Marta Fišerová, Michaela Casková - DIY

Artur Magrot (aa) - Don't Throw Away the Tickets 

Pavla Ondrová, Robert Downes, Rob Sibley, Kun Song - Silence

Exhibition on citylights (April - May 2012)

Daniela Deutelbaum - We Have Already Confiscated

In May - April 2012 ARTWALL Gallery presented six separate art projects, exhibited in the form of large-scale prints mounted on trams.  This series was created as a curatorial selection of individual projects that - through their quality and significance - did well in meeting the criteria of an artwork in public space. 

Vladimír Havlík - Language and Power

Markus Hippmann - Human Image

Wolfram Kastner - Art not War

Markéta Kinterová - Rituals

Marcel Mališ - Lebensraum

Peter Valiska-Timečko: Star-Wars









A special area WAS dedicated to the American performance artist Skip Arnold, whose short video (footage from his performance "Head Shaking") was shown on five plasma screens in Skoda's Palace and in the New Town Hall.