Darina Alster: Personal Tarot

Darina Alster - Personal Tarot

26. 4. - 3. 5. 2008, c2c Gallery, Prague

Interactive multimedia installation Personal Tarot Mobiles by Darina Alster offers the participant the possibility of communication with the archetypes. The interpretation of each of 21 Arcanes of the Tarot game is as complex as a human personality. It is impossible to assign it with solely positive or negative meaning, as it always depends on the situation and individual life circumstances of the one who seeks an advice. The card is a summary of various patterns of energy, non-existent in a pure form, but well known, similarly to the archetypes of Carl Gustav Jung. The Personal Tarot Mobiles provides an interactive virtual oracle. Individual numbers of 21 sim cards will correspond to the 21 cards of the Great Arcane. The visitor can call the numbers and receive messages delivered by the cards, or send the oracle an sms, mms, simply communicate.

Curator: Zuzana Štefková