c2c Circle of curators and critics

c2c Circle of curators and critics

c2c - circle of curators and critics (c2c) is an organization focused on the promotion of fine arts and the reflection of its role and importance in society. It was founded in 2006 and organizes lectures, discussions and exhibitions. The aim of the association is to support activities in the field of contemporary visual culture. We create platforms and curatorial frameworks where visual artists and a wide audience meet. We focus on overlapping areas of art and politics. The main activity of c2c is the Artwall Gallery in a public space in Prague.



Exhibition Stop violence against women

The exhibition on violence against women focuses on the reflection of a serious social problem and tries to illuminate it from a different perspective than the usual form of the documentary. This project is a remake of an exhibition that took place at the end of last year in Bratislava in the basement of the Old Market Square and is also part of a series of contemporary art exhibitions prepared for the Amnesty International women's campaign by artists such as Barbara Kruger in Glasgow or Tracey Emin, Martha Ro