Matky a otcové: What would we be without children

Matky a otcové - What would we be without children

11. 9. - 30. 9. 2007, La Fabrika, Prague

The exhibition is an outcome of our self- and socio-analytical research of hypothetical and potentially happier versions of our lives. In the famous TV series Red Dwarf appears an idea that each of our decisions creates an alternative universe in which a discarded reality develops. In the permanent flow of daily chores and stress, generated by the family life, earning money and the art production, we tend to muse upon the unjust and undeserved state we are in. Considering this situation we think that we surely haven’t chosen it by our free will and so we wonder about the existence of a variety of alternatives determined by our better choices. In our experiments we tried to prove or refute the existence of these hypothetical better worlds. This exhibition is a sculptural visualization of one aspect of the problem.

Artist group Mothers and Fathers consists of: Lenka Klodová, Lucie Krejčová, Martin Péč, Marek Rejent

Group was founded in 2001. The members live and work in Czech Republic.

The four members of the group function for many years as mothers and fathers. They react to the vocation „Mother!“, „Father!“ (more often Mummy, Daddy). Their parenthood takes up approximately one third of their time. From the point of view of Mothers and Fathers the parenthood represents a huge “pool of experience" and what they do not forget, they will surely use in the process of art making.