Keine Wunderkammer

Keine Wunderkammer

8. 6. - 1. 7. 2006, c2c Gallery, Prague

The concept of the Keine Wunderkammer exhibition refers to the collecting principle any museum is based on. Artworks by Serbian, Czech, Slovak and Polish artists who opted for the space or a museum of art or art gallery to become the scene for their artistic action have been collected for this exhibition. The pieces of art at the same time represent windows into the spaces of other European art museums and galleries: Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden, Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, Galerija Doma Omladine in Beograd...

C2C is one of the small private galleries existing in Central Europe on the basis of a citizen association. C2C gallery was established as a platform for contemporary art with a very good theoretical background. Its functioning and operation depend on the enthusiasm of its founders: Zuzana Štefková, Denisa Kera, Pavol Sedlák – and certainly on the willingness of their friend and family circles to help as volunteers.

The Keine Wunderkammer exhibition name can be translated as „No chamber of miracles” (Chamber of Miracles is termed Wunderkammer in German art history). It refers to a type of Central and Eastern European gallery of private character based on non-market principles. The original aim of this type of art gallery is not to sell the artworks, but to support the exhibitions of art and artistic projects with progressive ideas, and also to substantially contribute to cultural and social exchange of contacts. C2C is an art gallery of this type. Such a private, non-profit gallery, subsidised from public grants is the only guarantee of contemporary art production and exhibition in our state. These types of galleries that can be mostly found on the territories of post-communist countries has today become a phenomenon. They are critical for exploring, discovering and production of contemporary art in the post-communist countries, but the description of this phenomenon cannot be found in any book dealing with museology.

It is „no miracle“ to have a gallery and present contemporary art to visitors, but it requires sustainable passion to continue operating them.

Exhibiting artists: Aneta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, Milan Tittel, Mirjana Boba Stojadinović, Žolt Kovač, Ondřej Brody, Kristofer Pateau, Dominik Lang, Pode Bal

Curator: Ivana Moncoľová

Co-curator: Zuzana Štefková