Plastic People

Plastic People

24. 8. 2006 – 9. 9. 2006, c2c Gallery, Prague

"The world is beautiful, but the Plastics don’t see it" had written The Plastic People of the Universe in the Cosmic Symphony. The words come from the worldwide famous rock band who became somehow the icon of the Czech underground and the symbol of the great ideological and intellectual resistance to the communistic authorities of the soviet times. Thus, the term Plastic People in the Czech Republic has a special meaning. It brings to mind both, the achievement of the music group with all the iconography of underground and, contemporarily, the global and universal meaning of the Plastic World combined with the culture of mass consumption and celebrities. The Plastic people of nowadays are those ones who drift comfortably on the surface of things, playing life in a hedonistic way and quoting freely styles and icons of the previous generations.

The exhibition in the C2C Gallery in Prague is mutually focusing on those various interpretations of the title. Two young curators: Patrycja Ryłko and Krzysztof Łukomski present their choice of the very different intermedia works (from drawing and painting to performance and video works) by Czech, Polish, Croatian, Uruguayan and French artists.

Exhibiting artists: Guma Guar, Magdalena Starska, Radek Szlaga, Silvina Arismendi, Piotr Źyliński, Dimitri Kielbasiewicz, Natala Fiedorczuk, Anna Gubernat, Alicja Wesołovska, Camille Laurelli, Kasia Krakowiak, Krzysztof Lukomski, Tomasz Mróz, Darek Zatoka, Jasmin Topalusic, Rom Kamiński

Curators: Pátrycja Ryłko, Krzysztof Lukomski