Collective Homelike: Superheroines without Home

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Collective Homelike - Superheroines without Home

Women without homes are the invisible superheroines of our time. Often they are seen through the prism of what they lack – i.e. a home. But they are women with a life story and some incredible experience, dreams, desires and skills. To survive homelessness demands a fair share of special powers.

“In Summer 2014 we organised an event called Superheroines without Home, where homeless women presented their skills and it made them very happy. Later on during various events and workshops – also in cooperation with a comics artist Toy_box – they represented and expressed the empowering identity of a superheroine – woman without a home. The superpowers often mirror their true talents, and also what they and other women like them need and what they appreciate – safety, support, advice, strength, joy, friendship,” describes Lenka Vrbová, one of the members of the team, birth of the concept of Superheroines without home. “Homeless women usually have to cope with everything by themselves. Also they have to make the first step alone. They face up many snares – guys, authorities, cops, average people on a tram,” Eva, one of the authors of the drawings, explains why are women without home superheroines.

“This project is for us in many things a turning point,” states Zuzana Štefková, one of the curators of Artwall Gallery. “It gives a voice to people from the street and leaves aside the idea of art as an elite language accessible only to the chosen ones.“

About Homelike

Home Like collective is an NGO striving to instigate a change of the perception of homelessness, pointing out its gender dimension and advising women without homes. In spite of the fact that women are more than men endangered by poverty and therefore a loss of home, the women’s homelessness is not that visible and only a very little discussed phenomenon. Cooks without homes is a project giving the opportunity to homeless women who cook and sell healthy, affordable, vegan food. This gives them not just a possibility of extra earnings but also changes the image of homelessness, and creates supporting social bonds. The women themselves become bearers of social change.

Curators: Lenka Kukurová, Zuzana Štefková


Text on the panels:

Gizela Superpower: I can find in a dustbin exactly what you need.

Světloška Superpower: I am sending light to all women who need it.

Suzanne Superpower: Hair of fire stand for power that I pass on to women.

Pirate Superpower: I chase away fear and boost self-esteem.

Monika Superpower: I will turn empty houses into cosy, gracious homes.

Street Element Superpower: I can warm up all who are cold.

Jiřina Superpower: I can cheer you up with little things.


Photos of the exhibition at Artwall: Martin Micka

Photos of the exhibition